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Case Study

How to replace small launch providers by combo of major launch providers and dual mode propulsion? 


That you achieve earth orbit for free...

By utilizing SpaceX's reusable rockets and a dual-mode propulsion system, customers can save on launch costs and time to service. Instead of relying on small dedicated launches, customers can launch their payloads as secondary payloads on SpaceX's reusable rockets.

The dual-mode propulsion system would then provide the necessary thrust to get the payloads to their final orbits and perform station-keeping maneuvers.  This approach offers several benefits for customers.


First, the cost of launching a secondary payload on a reusable rocket is significantly lower than the cost of a dedicated launch.


Second, the use of a dual-mode propulsion system provides greater flexibility in orbit selection and maneuverability, as the system can adjust to changing mission requirements.


Finally, the use of reusable rockets and dual-mode propulsion systems reduces the environmental impact of space launches, as it minimizes the amount of waste generated and lowers the overall carbon footprint.    


Step 1

How to transfer your final orbits without waiting 6 months and not loose revenue!?

During the design phases of your satellite and when deciding for propulsion, you have to make many choises for propulsion. 

Plasmos pitch-2.png
Plasmos pitch-2.png

Step 2

How to Beat Drag and Keep Your Satellites in Place?

Based on the size and weight of the satellite and the amount of drag in LEO, it is necessary to have a reliable station-keeping mechanism to maintain the satellite's orbit. The dual-mode propulsion system proposed in this project will utilize an electric mode to provide continuous and precise thrust, enabling the satellite to counteract the effects of drag and maintain its position in orbit.

Engine Configuration

Plasmos' Dual Mode Propulsion system, integrated into the OrbitShift platform, offers live configuration options for space missions with spacecraft between 100kg to 500kg. By specifying your mission requirements in terms of Total Impulse or Spacecraft Dry Mass and Mission Delta-V, you can easily configure your system for optimal performance and efficiency.


The dual-mode propulsion system allows for the selection of the optimal propulsion mode for any given mission phase, enabling maximum flexibility and efficiency. Additionally, users can compare the cost of using chemical propulsion versus electric propulsion live and adjust their system accordingly to meet their budget. This groundbreaking technology ensures that the OrbitShift platform is the perfect solution for a wide range of space missions, from scientific research to commercial applications.

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